SEO can be done in two ways:

Todd Paton, the president of Paton Marketing, an online marketing company based out in Florida, says that you will find many agencies that practice Black Hat SEO techniques to make instant money. The two techniques that can be used for SEO are White Hat and Black Hat SEO. The ethical way of performing SEO is through White Hat SEO because it is the one that is highly ranked and respected by various search engines, since it respects the “unwritten” laws of the Internet. However, there exists an unethical form of SEO that is known is Black Hat SEO, which involves spam and keyword stuffing. One crushing penalty from Google is all it takes to topple unethical SEO strategies.

The battle between White and Black Hat SEO:

1) Black Hat SEO provides quick results but uses unreliable means to get those results. Black Hat SEO makes use of deceptive techniques to get a high ranking while White Hat SEO practices ethical methods to get a good ranking. On the other hand, White Hat SEO is a takes a longer route but the success is not short-lived.

2) Web spamming is an unprofessional and unethical part of Black Hat SEO that highlights the incapability and lack of creativity of an SEO practitioner. Are you sure that getting instant results is worth being ultimately de-indexed or penalized by the search engine? White Hat SEO is an art, which is time-consuming but its results are exemplary.

3) The fact that Black Hat SEO techniques are shunned by search engines, since they violate the guidelines and algorithms, is a reason why this technique should be avoided. Todd Paton claims that White Hat SEO practices will endow you with laurels minus the risk of going obsolete.

4) Black Hat SEO uses techniques like keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden texts, and link farming which work splendidly if you are comfortable with taking unnecessary risks to achieve momentary recognition that is bound to tumble eventually. Todd Paton's company makes use of White Hat SEO techniques and their experts perform an extensive research before they optimize your website aiding your business to stand tall among a crowd of thousands.

5) Your business can only succeed when it’s built on a strong foundation of trust. Dealing in Black Hat SEO techniques is a breach of your customer’s trust. You want your business to be a rose among thorns and that status can only be achieved only through ethical means. Paton Marketing practices White Hat SEO to give a loud and clear message to your customers about your credibility and honesty.

6) Black Hat SEO techniques might seem like a cheaper option compared to White Hat SEO techniques but if you end up losing your ranking and traffic due to a penalty, you incur a huge loss. Todd Paton ensures that with White Hat SEO methods, your business will reach great heights in a gradual but secure manner.

7) People who offer unethical and spam techniques are usually unreliable and self-serving. Todd's White Hat SEO experts will not drop you midway and will guide you persistently to nurture your business.

Todd Paton: The Renowned Business Speaker

Todd Paton is an expert speaker and Internet marketing specialist who has an extensive knowledge along with many years of experience up his sleeve. He is the founder of a digital marketing firm known as Paton Marketing. His company provides practical and innovative ideas to businesses in order to generate more traffic. He is also an influential personality that qualifies him as a distinguished speaker at various conferences and business seminars. His creative approach towards any difficult scenario is extraordinarily remarkable.

Todd is currently associated with the Miami Business Speakers through which he conducts seminars to uplift the morale of hundreds of employees. In it, he educates small groups on digital marketing, interacts with fellow entrepreneurs, and introduces them to new technologies and tools that will help their business. Todd Paton is qualified, well read, updated with the latest algorithm changes of Google and SEO techniques.

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